Connelly Insulation is committed to protecting and promoting the health and safety of all our employees and their work environment. Health and safety are integrated into all our industrial and commercial insulation installation projects in an effort to eliminate incidents that affect the safety and efficiency of our operations.

We provide health and safety training to each employee ensuring that they have the skills and knowledge to perform their work safely and efficiently.

Our corporate Health and Safety Manual elaborates on all the components that contribute to a successful and outstanding Certificate of Recognition (COR).

Safety Philosophy

Connelly Insulation is deeply involved in the health and safety of employees and staff working on our Industrial and Commercial Insulation Installation Projects under our direction. It is our policy to provide a safe work environment with up-to-date equipment, state-of-the-art tools, and competent, well-trained supervisors and crews with current and relevant safety certifications.

Our philosophy of safety and loss prevention is based on the sincere belief that safety and productivity are inseparable. Our management and supervisory team ensures that proper safety and loss prevention planning is incorporated into all our work phases. With proper safety training, careful hazard assessments, continuous communication, and sound management, we believe we can prevent all incidents.

Connelly Insulation ensures the involvement and continuous improvement of all employees through joint Health and Safety committees and ongoing corrective actions as our industry’s standards evolve. We know We Can Always Get BETTER!!

We make every effort to comply with the guidelines and safe working practices and procedures outlined in our safety, loss prevention and control program as well as other health and safety related policies, regulations and codes. There’s nothing so important in our work that it can’t be done safely.

For any safety related inquiries, please feel free to contact our dedicated HSE Manager
Greg Schultz
403-343-3125 Ex: 111