Worker Camps

Connelly Insulation specializes in the mechanical insulation of worker camps and modular buildings. With their combination of modular portions, stick build components, and remote locations, camps can be very challenging. We’re used to working with these layers of complexity and the ever-changing logistical needs of fly-in locations.

We insulate various systems including:

  • Above Ground Water Service
  • Potable Water Distribution
  • HVAC Systems
  • Make-up Air Duct Insulation
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Potable Storage Tanks

Administrative Buildings on Industrial Sites

We have an extensive background and diverse portfolio of both commercial and industrial projects requiring the insulation of administrative buildings and offices. With our expertise, manpower, supervisory experience, and knowledge, we are able to comply with client requirements while adhering to safety, quality assurance, and quality control standards.

Some of the buildings we can insulate include:

  • Warehouses
  • Control Rooms
  • Administrative buildings
  • Site offices
  • Maintenance areas

Corrosion Under Insulation Management

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a localized external corrosion occurring on equipment and piping made of insulated carbon and low carbon alloy steels. The corrosion occurs when moisture builds up on the external surface of the insulated equipment.

CUI is one of the most pervasive threats in various industries worldwide consuming significant maintenance resources in Industrial plants. When ignored, CUI can force an unplanned shut down resulting in productivity losses; therefore, having a proper CUI mitigation system is critical.

A CUI Mitigation System has several components including metallurgic design, surface protection, insulation material, and cladding. Each component plays an important role in the system’s performance and lifespan; as does the craftsmanship with which the system is installed.

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Fire stopping

Connelly Insulation offers fire stopping services in all types of buildings; hospitals, recreational facilities, administrative buildings, factories, etc.

Fire stopping is mainly needed on:

  • ‘Wall to ceiling’ and ‘floor to wall’ joints within the building envelope.
  • Fire-rated walls.
  • We use multiple products based on Hilti’s submittal systems.

Hilti systems provide the safest firestop products available with simple and intuitive installation options designed to preserve property and protect lives in all kinds of conditions.

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