Connelly Insulation has a complete quality control and quality assurance program. Our QC/QA program identifies industry leading suppliers to ensure that only the very best quality insulating materials are applied to our clients’ piping, equipment, and HVAC ducting. Our QC/QA program requires that we employ an experienced, professional, and competent work force trained in the industry’s leading application process for all aspects of mechanical insulation installation. Our QC/QA program insists we provide a turnover package of the documentation (including drawings, start-up procedures, log sheets, settings, and other items) demonstrating that the work has been completed in accordance with the contract and that the systems may be operated safely for their intended purposes.

Our QA & QC Processes play a key role in our effort to continuously improve and provide superior products and workmanship within the Mechanical Insulation Industry. They play:

  • An Administrative Function in the management of projects as punch items are found and fixed.
  • A Planning Function ensuring everything is in the right place at the right time.
  • A Communication Function ensuring learning opportunities for our employees and feedback to our suppliers should materials fail to meet our expectations.
  • A Technical Function ensuring our expertise as the needs, requirements, and expectations of our clients and the industry change.